Discover the Joy of Listening to Your Horses Whispers

Create the Connection that moves you closer to Harmony and further from Frustration

Learn how to step away from trying to control every move ~ to creating a safe space for you and your horse, where peace resides and a balanced relationship forms

Without having to haul on your horse or get hauled around by your horse,

Are you concerned about the potential risk of your horses unintentionally causing harm to you while you're away from home?

Establishing clear boundaries is an effective way to provide a safe, trusting and secure environment for both you and your horse.

Do you find it unnerving when your horse constantly moves around and is unable to stand still beside you?

Experience the joy of bonding with your horse by fully engaging in the process. Your horse will naturally follow your lead as you build a strong connection.

Work together to achieve liberty through mutual agreement and create a truly special relationship.

Do you sometimes find it challenging when he lags behind, or walks past you frequently when you stop?

The more time you spend with your horse, the deeper the connection between you two will become. This bond can make the transition from groundwork to riding a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

What You'll Learn:

You will learn how holding the lead in a particular way, reduces a brace or blocking feel

Backing up with softness from your body, your energy (so that you can transfer this to riding)

Your will start the process of teaching your horse not halting in his Shoulders, but thinking back to the power he has in his Hindquarters

And much much more!


Your Awareness and  Observation Skills will improve


You will feel the dance forming between you both


The source of handling and riding issues can be alleviated through

Leading with Connection

Does your horse really believe you have their back, on the ground and under saddle? For your horse to feel safe, Your Awareness is Key!

Hi, I’m Lynley and with this challenge I combine the experiences and learnings from my own horses and students lessons. 

This challenge is just the start of an incredible change within the partnership between you and your horse.
The horse that caused me to explore a deeper level of leading is Mariza. 
Brought as a 3 yr old, she had a huge energy that couldn’t be contained in her small body.
Very rarely were three or four of her hooves on the ground at the same time, she was either rearing or pawing the ground with vigor.
This took a few weeks and I wasn’t sure of the outcome, but she came through beautifully and she would turn in any direction I looked.

The connection was beautiful.

This Leading with Connection really works and not only with Mariza,

there are many stories I could tell that have brought troubled horses back.  

lynley bolt

- balance & awareness

Your Awareness and  Observation Skills will improve

You will feel the dance forming between you both

The source of handling and riding issues can be alleviated through Leading with Connection

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…and say hello to Harmony and Connection


Aggressive Young Horse Transforms with Owner into a Happy, Confident Team

I have been attending private clinics with Lynley for the past 2 years. I arrived with a new, young horse with quite a few issues and who was at times very aggressive. Having not ridden for a few years, I was out of my depth. 


We are now a happy, confident team and every day I am excited to work with my horse. 


She is an incredible teacher and coach, creating space (for) your awareness and observation skills to really develop, to really see your horse and empowering you to find ways to help your horse and deepen your partnership. 


Lynley is kind, calm, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable. She has given me the confidence and skills to trust myself. I’m now so excited about my horse journey, I only wish I’d found her earlier. 

H McA, South Island, New Zealand


Supportive and Patient with Long-lasting Impact

I have loved having lessons with Lynley – every time she has helped both my horse August, and myself work on what we need in order to continue our journey together – she is so supportive and patient with us both. 

I have enjoyed attending her Balance & Awareness workshops – I have learnt so much about myself – and how this has, and does continue to impact on how I interact with my horse (and the results we may or may not be achieving together.)

Her teaching style is unique and has been perfect for us. 

Lynley is hands down the best instructor I have ever learned from. 



A Hormanship Journey of Self-discovery and Growth 

Lynley is hands down the best instructor I have ever learned from. She has this great ability to work with what is in front of her, no matter what the level, ability, age or discipline. 

I love how she puts the horse first, and teaches us about communication, connection and awareness with our horses AND ourselves! I have learnt a lot about exercises to help my horse become more supple, relaxed and responsive. 

This is a continuous, exciting journey and I always look forward to my lessons with Lynley. 

She is always positive, has a great sense of humour, and has this innate ability to know how far to extend me and my horses so that we continue to grow. This also encourages self-reflection and searching for answers within myself which is such an important part of this journey. 

If you get the chance to do a camp at Lynley’s place in the Wairarapa, go for it!! It’s a great way to have concentrated time with your horse with great people and a beautiful farm. Lynley you rock!!

Kelly Henry

Herd by Horses Equine Specialist
EAGALA Certified Professional

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