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"Create the Dream Relationship

with Your Horse "So That" You Can't Wait to Spend Time With them"


Learn Vaquero-Inspired Training Exercises

I know you want to softly communicate with your horse in complete connection or oneness. 

My programs offer a variety of opportunities to create the relationship of your dreams, from in-person clinics to my online membership program. All are proven to get you headed in the right direction.

Host A Clinic or Retreat

Bring a unique hands-on experience to your clients and their horses or for your farm on working equitation, garrocha, hackamore, bridle, and academic horsemanship.  

As a host, you’ll select from a variety of proven customisable topics and the marketing support to get your clinic filled! 

Distance Learning

Experience tailored support wherever you are by connecting with a coach attuned to both you and your horse's unique needs. Whether you're navigating challenges between clinics, unable to attend in-person sessions, or seeking additional support to progress, our personalised video review and coaching packages offer the ideal solution.

  • Virtual Learning From Anywhere

  • Dynamic Solutions

  • Personalised Feedback

  • Consultation Call

Key Features:

- Submit two videos monthly for review

- Receive Voiceover feedback providing valuable insights and guidance

- Gain specific exercises tailored to your needs, designed to elevate your progress

Why Choose Video Review & Coaching?

- Enhance your skills with regular, personalised feedback

- Overcome challenges and improve your connection with your horse

- Access professional guidance without geographical constraints

Online Courses

Building the Rider Relationship of Your Dreams from the Ground Up
Create the magnetic-ridden relationship of your dreams from the ground, whether you're starting your young horse under saddle, re-educating a project horse, or progressing your advanced horse. 

You’ll learn:

  • Cornerstones of Clear Communication

  • Soft Intention - Suppling Work

  • The Power of Now - Observation

Preparing your partnership for success, so you can join together in harmony and in balance. 

First in a family of online courses. Coming soon –

Take A Lesson, Clinic, or Retreat

Continue or start the fantastic journey of fulfilling your dream of becoming one with your horse. You’ll build a connection of mind, body, and spirit, progressively through creative exercises – in-hand and under saddle. Your partnership deepens with the aid of softness, energy, and the subtlest of cues. 

Offered throughout New Zealand on a variety of topics, such as –

  • Video Coaching:  

  • Green Horse & Classical-Work, In-Hand & Under Saddle (3-5 days)

  • Building the Rider Relationship of Your Dreams From the Ground Up (3-5 days) Ground + Ridden Work

  • Connection & Balance through Working Equitation (2 days)

  • Pole Dancing: Garrocha (2 days)

  • Embrace the Magic of Equine Connection (3-5 days)

  • Two Rein Clinic: By Invitation Only 

Learn Vaquero-Inspired Training exercises to create Unity and Harmony with Your Horse.

I know you want to softly communicate with your horse in complete connection or oneness. 

My programs offer a variety of opportunities to create the relationship of your dreams, from in-person clinics to my online membership program. All are proven to get you headed in the right direction.


Aggressive Young Horse Transforms with Owner into a Happy, Confident Team

I have been attending private clinics with Lynley for the past 2 years. I arrived with a new, young horse with quite a few issues and who was at times very aggressive. Having not ridden for a few years, I was out of my depth. 


We are now a happy, confident team and every day I am excited to work with my horse. 


She is an incredible teacher and coach, creating space (for) your awareness and observation skills to really develop, to really see your horse and empowering you to find ways to help your horse and deepen your partnership. 


Lynley is kind, calm, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable. She has given me the confidence and skills to trust myself. I’m now so excited about my horse journey, I only wish I’d found her earlier. 

H McA, South Island, New Zealand


Empowering you to become a Well-rounded and thoughtful Horse Trainer

Joining a private clinic can be an incredible opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for horse training, regardless of your chosen discipline.

Lynley's approach is centred around empowering you to become thoughtful, and well-rounded with your horse, and she encourages you to believe in your abilities.

Her teachings are designed to help you see and understand what's best for you and your horse, while also instilling in you a sense of confidence and a willingness to take on new challenges.

Ultimately, you'll develop a strong and trusting relationship with your horse, all while remaining true to yourself.

Thanks for so much Lynley  

Karen Cooper


A Hormanship Journey of Self-discovery and Growth 

Lynley is hands down the best instructor I have ever learned from. She has this great ability to work with what is in front of her, no matter what the level, ability, age or discipline. 

I love how she puts the horse first, and teaches us about communication, connection and awareness with our horses AND ourselves! I have learnt a lot about exercises to help my horse become more supple, relaxed and responsive. 

This is a continuous, exciting journey and I always look forward to my lessons with Lynley. 

She is always positive, has a great sense of humour, and has this innate ability to know how far to extend me and my horses so that we continue to grow. This also encourages self-reflection and searching for answers within myself which is such an important part of this journey. 

If you get the chance to do a camp at Lynley’s place in the Wairarapa, go for it!! It’s a great way to have concentrated time with your horse with great people and a beautiful farm. Lynley you rock!!

Kelly Henry

Herd by Horses Equine Specialist
EAGALA Certified Professional


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